The ECO Industries GmbH is a German, research-oriented company specialized in the
development and production of highly innovative coating systems. In this context, every solution
is adapted to the individual customer’s demands to guarantee the best-possible outcome. While
meeting highest German standards, we sustainably save the environment by using resourcesaving up cycling processes.
  • What we do
The silicate technology is one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly
binder systems on the market with unmatched opportunities for use in the
industrial and agricultural sectors. With silicate technology, it is possible to replace
hazardous building products (e.g. Epoxy) while simultaneously gaining additional
properties and benefits. The silicate products are resistant to all organic and
inorganic solvents, acids and alkaline solutions. Therefore, the silicate technology
is more than a cost-efficient alternative compared to the common resin-based
products known in the market. Our innovations include the development of
inorganic, one-component, cement-free silicate products which are used for
waterproofing, flooring and various different protection systems with unique
properties while meeting highest quality standards.
It is important to understand that our products have nothing to do with:

NO Polyurethanes NO Cement NO Epoxy NO Acrylics
  • Our products can be divided into three subcategories based on the compound formula
Liquid Silicates
Eco-Binder Technology
High-Performance Silicon Binder
Our Eco Liquid Silicates are used to
impregnate any kind of concrete surface,
without changing its appearance. It
penetrates deep into the substrate,
changing its molecular structure by reacting
with the cement-bound Calcium Hydroxide.
This reaction is irreversible, closes the
pores of the concrete and thus densifies the
surface. A new material is born where the
reaction takes place (potassium silicate).
After application, no water and other
substances can penetrate or react with the
concrete surface. Further a hydrophobic
effect (lotus effect) can be created
Our Eco Binder System is designed to
replace cement-based products and Epoxy
resins. The cement content of our Eco
Binder system is significantly reduced
through the use of alternative binding
agents. The resulting products have a
longer shelf life, better environmental
impact and higher performance.
Additionally, CO
2 emissions are reduced up
to 90 %. Our Green Cement formulation
can also be adapted to incorporate local
natural resources for the greenest, most
environmentally friendly high-tech building
materials possible.
Our special Silicate Binder System offers an
unprecedented degree of protection for
mineral-based substrates against harsh
chemicals and inorganic materials.
Certificates from independent institutions
verify the extreme chemical resistance of
our Silicate products, reaffirming this
breakthrough in dry mortar technology.
Concrete surfaces can now be permanently
protected from acids, saltwater and
aggressive media in a green manner. The
system consists of a silicate and an
inorganic binder with environmentally
friendly constituents, meaning that our
Silicate products may be used without
taking any protect ive measures or